Challenge – #18 für 2018

Addams, Brita – Freedom In His Arms
Ashwood, Cate – Tasting Notes
Carmichael, Talia – Chances
Cullinan, Heidi – Shelter the Sea
Dennis, Nicole – By The Numbers ✓ Rezi folgt
Drake, Jocelynn & Elliott, Rinda – Psycho Romeo
Frank, Ella – Try: Versuch es
Gale, Avon – Save of the Game
Hall, Alexis – How To Blow It With a Billionaire

Hart, Riley – Collide
Hart, Riley – Full Circle (deutsch)
Inman, John – Coming Back
Jameson, DJ – Beside Manner
Lain, Tara – Ritter der einsamen Herzen
Mac Nicol, Susan – Feat of Clay ✓ Rezi folgt
Maxfield, Z.A. – Jacobs Ladder
Sue, Victoria – Who We Truly Are
Violet, Silvia – The Past Comes Home