Year-End 2017

Trust with a Chaser – Annabeth Albert
Seiltänzer – Mary Calmes Rezi folgt
Shelter the Sea – Heidi Cullinan
Nowhere Ranch – Heidi Cullinan ✓ Rezi 
Try – Ella Frank
Full Circle – Riley Hart
Leaning Into Always – Lane Hayes ✓ Rezi
Leaning Into the Fall – Lane Hayes
Leaning Into Touch – Lane Hayes
Tart and Sweet – Amy Lane Rezi

Feat of Clay – Susan Mac Nicol
Jacobs Ladder – ZA Maxfield
Something Brewing at Joes – SJD Peterson abgebrochen
The Way to his Heart – Felice Stevens
A Holiday to Remeber – Felice Stevens Rezi
All or Nothing – Felice Stevens
Remember Love – Silvia Violet
Dyeing to be Loved – Aimee Nicole Walker
Fair Play – Samantha Wayland
Due Diligence – Anna Zabo